Alexa Van and The Black Outs

Los Angeles based rock and roll band.

As a storyteller and poet, Alexa Van writes honestly about the human condition.
Her process often begins from a place of narrative, which feeds her work with a raw, provocative and haunting tone.

In forming her band, Alexa Van brings forth a new sound by combining her soulful vocals to a dark, gritty rock and roll. If Black Sabbath, Fiona Apple, and Nirvana had an orgy resulting in a really fucked up baby, you’d get something like Alexa Van and The Black Outs.

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Alexa Van’s Debut of Angst-Driven Ethereal Expression

Posted on 11th December 2018

“The first time of listening to Alexa Van’s debut single ‘So Angry’ for a moment I wondered if Amy Lee changed her name and adopted a Bluesy Rock sound. Yet, as the single progressed it became evident that Alexa Van has one of the most distinctive voices we’ve heard from an up and coming female artist.

The range in her vocals is one thing, the power she uses to dominate the entire soundscape is quite another. Her voice isn’t just one which soulfully resonates, it’s expressively concordant whilst having the power to move tectonic plates. If any of that sounds like an exaggeration. Wait until the raw, celestial power of her angst hits you through her first single. Although the vocals give a lot for the instrumentals to contend with, the melody which they lace into the soundscape adds plenty of weight to the already colossal single.

You can check out Alexa Van’s single So Angry for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.”

Review by Amelia Vandergast